The Battlefield

The call sounded
War was afoot
The brave mustered their courage
Shined up their arms
Their eyes once warm now cold
The killer allowed to be more bold
For the people they cried
To death and glory!
And as they stood upon the field
The shining sun and glinting shields
Weapons drawn and tightly gripped
A guttural roar left their lips
They charged with no mercy
Tearing limbs and body parts
Once sacred people turned to cattle
In an ever growing bloody battle
The earth beneath them trampled
With mud thick to their knees
Their friends now ghosts beside them
The tides turned on the seas
The last one standing
As a spear pierces through
Their life spent they lost the war
What was it for?
No one really knew…

Laura Berry


Truth Spoken

Truth spoken with anger, an attempt to control
Truth spoken in fear, a frightened soul
Truth spoken with judgement, an unfair punishment
Truth spoken with ego, a sign i am arrogant

Truth spoken for validation, uncertain of my feet
Truth spoken without compassion, on deaf ears it will meet
Truth spoken and watered down, a desire to avoid
Truth spoken and yet not wanted, forceful against their choice

Truth not spoken but withheld, when the time is ripe, i´m selfish
Truth spoken to myself is right, no matter anothers wish
Truth spoken to deaf ears, i gain tiredness and exhaustion
Truth spoken straight forward, a fact with no confusion
Truth spoken with compassion, a desire to help one grow
Truth spoken short and sweet, plant it and let it mellow
Truth spoken without judgement an openness that is right
Truth spoken in open ears, a welcome and happy delight

Truth spoken without fear, strength and faith are glowing
Truth spoken without the ego, equality is showing
Truth spoken for love of self, a great and precious thing
Truth spoken in a clear tone, it hums and it does ring

Truth spoken when wanted, a hand to lift ones fall
Truth spoken with love, the greatest truth spoken of all

Laura Berry

The Coin

It started in the days of old
A coin for barter and trade
A tool nothing more nor less
An exchange for the goods made
And as the years went by and by
The coin had more worth than the goods
People would hoard and stash with greed
It became more valuable than food
For with the coin, one could buy anything
A token of prestige and wealth
The more you had you were favoured
So they stacked the bags upon their shelf
And lost sight of true value in the world
And the world became gripped in sadness
As anything in its path was stripped away
By a wealth craze and utter madness
For wealth was now to own a coin
And not placed on precious resources
And care for the planet drained away
In favour of rich men on horses
And as the centuries drifted by
The coin turned to paper
Nothing was free anymore
Not even the life giving water
For the coin was still a tool
One thats meaning was belayed
Through greed and arrogance and the pomp of man
Selfishness now permanently strayed
The farmers once rich were poor
The forests once green were gone
For coin meant nature wasn´t needed
In the pockets of the wealthy ones
They forgot how food was created
They forgot the trees gave air
But as long as their pouches were full of coin
They could buy their way out of despair
But the farmers couldn´t sustain
The trees gone could no longer give
And all that was left was metal and paper
Which the people couldn´t eat to live
They no longer cared for the planet
It was a sad sight to see
As they argued over the price of things
It was all about me, me, me
But in the height of this madness came
Humility by a handful of men
They started to plant trees and grow their own food
And learned the value of them
Coin became a tool for them
No more nor no less
They nurtured the Earth and were mocked
For their plain and simple dress
While the rest of the world lived in fear
Of the shiny metallic token
As the ones who realised their mistake
Were not heard, yet truth was spoken
The mistake was the value misplaced
The precious resources more valuable than gold
Nor any coin created by man
For them nature could not be sold
How does this end? I do not know
Only that the tides are turning
And that nature will call upon the hardest heart
With hope they will hear it one day within

Laura Berry

Hope in an Autumn Flower

There is a flower bud in the autumn glow
I wait for its beautiful face to show
A delicate poppy hung like a precious jewel
Its fragility calls me in the midst of fall
When all around it are crispen leaves
Bare stems of flowers past and bare trees

It brings me to hope and remember faith
That in the darkness good can awake
Standing alone amongst the brown
Its green luscious leaves create its gown
And as it lifts up its face for all to see
A small smile reaches my lips and i breathe

Laura Berry

The Ghost of my Song

In the glorious glow of Autumn’s light
I picked up my guitar by the fireside
I inhaled the wood and the tang of steel
I brushed off the dust and the sheen revealed.
My happiness and joy from so long ago
Oh how when I played it my heart did glow!
My memories of warmth came flooding back
As I turned the cool pegs and tightened the slack
I placed my thumb on the lowest string
I stroked them all down in an echoing ring
I held the instrument against my chest
Vibrations entered my body, I felt at rest
My fingers remembered a forgotten tune
And quietly I played it into the room
And then with a heavy sigh
I placed it back and wandered why…
Why had I lost the passion once strong
Back then it was right but now it felt wrong
A numbness, a deadness to what once was real
That happiness and joy I no longer could feel
A ghost of my song echoed in my ears
The sounds ethereal for me now to hear
Having to conform took it away
Demand and expectation in the every day
To do anything other than what I enjoy
Now wracked with guilt when I play with my toy
A toy? though it wasn’t that before
But an urge to live and a desire to explore
My soul did sing when I made harmonies ring
And a singing soul isn’t nothing
But everything. What I live for…
Oh! This stubborn door!
It’s fear that stops me ringing my tunes
My fear, as I pray against the harvest moon
Again I must surrender to what I dismiss
And dive deep down into my dark abyss
And pluck out the problem with faith in my heart
I know what it is, I just need to start
To reignite the desire to live and explore
To fill my soul with this happiness once more.

Laura Berry


My lantern shines bright
I hold it out in front of me
It glows softly at times
Other times it glows brightly
You see we all have a lantern
One that shines our love
Everyone can see them
The good and the bad
We can´t choose
For it is the truth
It is there
A measure of our goodness
Stripped and bare
My lantern shone brighter one day
The darker lanterns did notice
And they focused on me
They hissed and spitted
And tried to dim its light
For they had to have the brightest
The light showed them as darker
I don´t judge
I used to be too
And so they targeted the wearer
To quash the flame
I so carefully nurtured
It was mine not theirs
Yet they wanted to take it
I held onto it with all i could
I stoked it with a piece of wood
But like a never ending swarm
They blackened its glow
And dulled its warmth
I left into the shadows
Where i couldn´t be seen
I reignited my flame
That was so keen
I came back out with lantern bright
And no amount of darkness
Could take its light
For in the shadows
I opened my soul
I cried and shivered
And felt the unlove
Now i was protected
From the jabs and the jibes
They went through the flame
For my flame now could not be tamed
I shone it softly and smiled

Laura Berry

Noble Steed

My noble steed
Muscular of frame
With mane of fire
And hooves of flame

We run through the woods
With swift footed ease
Our hearts beat as one
Through the flickering trees

The sound of drums
The earth kicked high
Nay use for wings
Like a bird we fly

Wild and alert
Ears forward to sound
We are together
As we cross this ground

Laura Berry