Shall I Open To God – Paperback

Have just received my copies of ‘Shall I Open To God?’ (book 2) in paperback and they turned out really well! Posting some photos of the result here, you can purchase at Lulu if you desire one, or download the free e-book from Smashwords, by typing in (Shall I Open To God? Laura Berry) in the search of their main sites. You can also find it on amazon and other main online book stores. I hope this book helps others develop more desire to open their hearts to God and to start a personal relationship.



Shall I Open To God?

Next book in my journey, discovering and exploring whether a personal relationship with God is possible and worth opening our hearts to. The book took six months to write as I tried to feel what emotions and issues came up as I wrote. I hope it helps others who are unsure or have doubts to whether to have a relationship with God or to get closer to God.

You can read for free on smashwords or purchase a paperback version on

All the best on your journeys,

Laura  (E-book)  (Paperback)


God, The Universe and Me

God universe me cover

‘A personal journey looking closer at the universe and discovering God on the way’

This book contains personal experiences, thoughts and theories based off the authors own research and investigations into the possibility that a loving God exists and created the known universe.
This book also contains alternate theories on common belief systems with regards to aliens, the spirit world, evolution, God and the universe and how we could look at these topics in a different light to what we currently do.
There are some suggested personal experiments and personal investigation is encouraged.

The book is available for free pdf download here…

Hope you enjoy it and it helps you on your journey.

Laura Berry